I’ve scoured Reddit and its web hosting resources in order to determine what Redditors have to say about the best web hosting provider. I’ve aggregated the information into what you are reading right now. For those of you short on time, I’ve got the TL;DR below.

Reddit’s Favorite Web Hosts TL;DR

ProviderLowest PriceAuthor NotesSet-Up Tutorial
Siteground$3.95/moRecommendedClick Here
Digital Ocean$5/moFor Technical usersClick Here


Siteground is a great web host provider (PSST: This website is hosted with Siteground). Not only is it one of the cheapest web hosting providers available, but its great UI, customer support, and consumer functionality is precisely why I’ve deemed it the #1 web host of 2020.

Siteground is what I recommend to friends, family, and to the average layperson looking to build a website. Setting up WordPress with them is stupid easy and barley requires technical knowledge (if any at all).

Redditors also seems to agree.


Getting Started with Siteground

I’ve got a full in-depth guide on how to get a website setup with Siteground.

This Tutorials Includes:

  • How to Save $$$ Before Purchasing Siteground Web Hosting
  • Siteground WordPress Installation Guide
  • Siteground Free SSL Installation Guide
  • How to Enable Siteground SuperCacher

set up siteground with wordpress

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is another great web host provider that offers virtual private servers (VPS). I run multiple websites and servers with Digital Ocean and can attest to their great service.

I recommend Digital Ocean to people with a technical background, as managing your own droplet can be very complicated especially to the average layperson. Luckily, Digital Ocean has extensive documentation. I recommend checking it out before purchasing. If it seems too technical I recommend Siteground.

Here’s what Reddit has to say: