In the last blog post, I went over how to install WordPress with Siteground web hosting. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to install WordPress themes and Plug-ins.

What is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is a template for how your website looks. There are two types of themes, free ones and premium ones which are paid for. This website was built with a premium WordPress theme known as Divi. This is my favorite WordPress theme because it gives you the available tools to create an amazing looking website with minimal web development knowledge.

How to Find and Install Free WordPress Themes

Installing a Free WordPress theme is a straight-forward process. First, log into your WordPress dashboard then click `Appearance` to open up the Themes window then click `Add New`.

Adding wordpress theme

A bunch of free themes will show up. If you find one you like just hover over it and click `Install`. Or preview it by clicking `Details & Preview`

theme preview and install

Installing a Third-Party WordPress Theme

An external theme is a theme that you’ve downloaded from a third-party website. The theme will come in a .ZIP file that may look something like this.

Wordpress theme displayed via zip file

To install a third-party theme go to `Appearance` > `Add New` > `Upload Theme`

steps to upload theme

From there you’ll be asked to upload the .ZIP file.

uploading plugin as zip

How to Find Premium WordPress Themes

If you’re trying to find a high quality premium theme, I recommend checking out Theme Forest’s best selling WordPress themes page.

list of premium wordpress themes via theme forest

A lot of great WordPress themes there. If you find one that looks interesting, I recommend searching it in YouTube. Typically, you’ll find someone who reviews the theme in-depth so you can get a good sense of how it’ll function.

What is a WordPress Plug-In?

WordPress plugins are tools that add functionality to your website. Say you need a plug-in that allows you to create a contact form. Well there’s a plugin for that.

list of wordpress plugins

Maybe you need a CSS and JavaScript editor. There’s a plugin for that.

wordpress plugin example

If you can think of it, there’s probably a plugin for it. In fact, there are over 55 thousand WordPress plugins and most of them are accessible straight from the WordPress dashboard. Here’s how to install them.

How to Install a WordPress Plug-In

In your WordPress dashboard, go to `Plugins` > `Add New`.

adding new plugin

There on the right side, you’ll find a search bar. Search for the plug-in you are looking for then click the `Install Now` button.

click install now to install plugin

Next, click `Activate` to make the plugin active.

activating plugin

How to Install a Third-Party WordPress Plug-In

Third-party plugins are plugins are downloaded from an external website. Just like third-party themes, they come in .ZIP format and can be installed in the plugins section.

Go to `Plugins` > `Add New` > `Upload Plugin`

steps to uploading plugin

From there a section will pop up to where you can upload your plug-in.

uploading plugin as zip

How to Find Premium WordPress Plug-ins

If you can’t find the plugin you’re looking for in WordPress’s native search, check out  Code Canyon for premium plugins. I recommend checking out Code Canyon’s best selling WordPress plugins page for a list of the best premium WordPress plugins to date.

premium wordpress plugins available via codecanyon